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Skate Shop

hockey skates

 Centre Ice offers the most comprehensive services in one dedicated space. We are experts at shop work, whether its sharpening, boot fitting and baking or equipment repair, we’ll get it done right. 

Skate Sharpening

skate sharpening

 We sharpen exclusively on Blackstone sharpeners. Blackstone is the original “flat bottom V” (FBV) and standard radius of hollow (ROH) combination machine. We employ the most modern “spinner” sharpeners from Blackstone as well.

Professional Skate Fitting

skate fitting

 Whether you need a “Pro fit” for an adult or you need an expert fit for a growing player with a growing foot we will consult and fit to exact specs of length and shape for each player. We believe boot fitting is the ultimate service we can provide. Getting a boot fit “close” is not what we’re interested in, getting it perfect, each and every time is our promise.

Punching and Stretching

skate punching and stretching

 After baking (most skates) most players will need a short break-in period of 4-10 hours to adjust to heel, ankle, forefoot fitting/molding of the new skate. If, after the brief break-in period, you experience any “hot spots” or just need a bit more room in certain specific areas of the boot, we have on site punching and stretching services. Most often this isn’t required and we most often see this option arise from a mis-sized/mis-shaped boot sold by a competitor. We would gladly consult with this customer and decide on punch/stretch or re-fit options.

Glove Repalming

glove repalming

 We employ local repalm services from the best in the business and usually turn around in less than 2 weeks, often within a 1 week timeframe. In shop stitching for anything from palm patches to goal equipment is 24 hour turnaround.




Eyelets, rivets, pant buttons, helmet repair, visor install, tongues install, holder and blade installation all in shop and “while you wait” if possible.