Team Sales

Hockey Hard Goods


Centre Ice is pleased to be able to offer helmets, gloves, pants  and sticks at significantly reduced prices found at retail. We carry all the leading manufacturers such as Bauer, CCM, True, Warrior and STX

Hockey Jerseys and Socks


Jerseys and socks are our specialty.  We will work with you to create a desired look for your team that fits within your budget. This may be a simple practice jersey to a full custom cut and sew product. Our vendor portfolio includes the likes of K1, SP, Kobe, LA Sport, Under Armour, and Jogs.

Warm ups, Dry land and Bags


Every organization and team can benefit from team bags, warm ups, and work out gear.  We offer bags from JRZ, Bauer, CCM, and LA Sport.  Warm ups from Bauer, CCM, Under Armour, and KEWL, and workout gear from Under Armour, CCM, Bauer, and KEWL, and Badger.