Warranty Information



BAUER Hockey, Inc. will provide a one-time replacement only of your player or goalie composite stick, IF BROKEN DUE TO A MANUFACTURING DEFECT “within 30 days from the date of purchase.” The following information must be provided before creating a return online:

An original receipt from an authorized BAUER dealer, along with the white serial number sticker affixed to the original receipt. (Hand-written receipts or MasterCard/Visa statements will not be accepted). Please keep a photocopy of your receipt for your records. ALL RETURNS WITHOUT THE REQUIRED INFORMATION WILL BE DENIED.

Note: There is no warranty for wood or foam core sticks or replacement blades.

Option 1: Website
For the quickest and most efficient service, click on "Create Return." Fill in the required information and BAUER will send you an authorization number and shipping instructions by email.

Option 2: Email
You may send an email to stickwarranty@bauer.com requesting an authorization number. Please include full mailing address, phone number, model: name of stick, variation: left or right, blade pattern and flex, serial number and date of purchase. A Return Authorization will be created and sent by return e-mail with the necessary Return Authorization number and shipping instructions.

Option 3: Contact Us
You may also reach us by calling our "Stick Warranty Department" between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST at 1-888-509-6875.


The consumer’s proof of purchase must accompany all claims. Reebok-CCM reserves the right to repair or replace, at our option, any product determined to be defective. Reebok-CCM will warrant products that have been repaired, provided the repairs were performed at its factory or at an authorized repair depot. If, in Reebok-CCM’s determination, product failure is due to accident, abuse, negligence or abnormal use, the product will not be covered by this or any other warranty. This warranty is expressly declared to be given in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied on Reebok-CCM’s part. No person is authorized to give an additional warranty in connection with the sale of Reebok-CCM products. Professional, NHL, CHL, ECHL, USHL, AHL and university or college team sales are excluded from this warranty.

General Inquiries: consumerservices@ccmhockey.com
Warranty: warrantyccm@ccmhockey.com
Or reach us by phone
North America: 1-800-644-1677


Warranty Process

For US warranty claims and Canadian online purchases please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  All Canadian instore and European claims should be handled directly with the retail location where the product was purchased.


We take extreme pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value.

For the hockey player, True Temper’s “TRUE” sticks have a one-time replacement warranty for breakage during normal use within (30) days of purchase. Normal use does NOT include breakage due to contact with other players, skates, sticks (slashing), boards, nets, use on asphalt or cement surfaces, etc. and hence no replacement will be offered in those cases. True Temper Sports will determine if the product damage was caused by normal use and that there is no evidence of misuse, tampering, heating, abuse or deception.  True Temper Sports reserves the right to request that the stick be returned prior to replacing under warranty.  Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Pro stock, bulk discounted purchases under the Team Sales program and sales to senior competitive, professional or semiprofessional, Junior and College/University levels are not covered under our 30 day one time replacement program.

For US warranty claims please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  All Canadian claims should be handled directly with the retail location where the stick was purchased


TRUE hockey will be launching the new Aseries SBP line in March 2018! As a result, the 2016 Aseries SBP product line is no longer available. Effective immediately, customers who have claims related to Aseries SBP product will be notified and provided options for substitution or an opportunity to wait for the new Aseries SBP product line with a first availability date of March 2018.


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WARRANTY POLICY - COMPOSITE HOCKEY STICKS Sher-Wood and TPS hockey products are built from the finest of materials and craftsmanship so that their performance exceeds the expectations of our customers. Hockey is a physical game and as such all hockey sticks are designed to break if an unreasonable force is applied. In certain cases it may be due to a manufacturing defect. If you feel the breakage of your stick was not caused by normal wear and tear, please refer to the Warranty Policy below to determine the next steps for you. COMPOSITE HOCKEY STICKS Retail Sales Only - Professional, Junior and College team sales are excluded from this warranty. Sher-Wood Hockey Inc. offers to the original buyer exclusively a limited warranty against manufacturing defects for thirty (30) days from the original retail purchase date when used under normal and customary use in ice hockey play. We will provide a ONE-TIME warranty replacement for sticks if: 1. The stick was purchased at an authorized Sher-Wood Hockey Inc. retailer and a proof of purchase in the form of an original electronic cash register receipt is submitted; 2. There is no evidence that the hockey stick has been abused, tampered with, overheated, altered, defaced, misused, skate-cut, expose to open flame or otherwise damaged through an act of neglect of the consumer; 3. The hockey stick is returned in its entirety; 4. Upon inspection by the company, the company determines in its sole discretion that the product breakage was due to a manufacturing defect and not any other reason; 5. Claim must be submitted within the 30 day warranty period